Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harry Harlow Monkey Experiment

After watching this video it is shown that Harry Harlow uses a monkey in his experiment to see which type of mother he prefers; a wire mother who nurses or a cloth mother who provides comfort. It was obtained from the experiment that the monkey spent 17 to 18 hours a day with the cloth mother and less than 1 hour a day with the nursing wire mother. What is really love? I believe from this video that the monkey preferred the mother of cloth over the mother of wire because comfort is necessary in order for one to develop. Being comforted is much more worthwile then being lonely. Cloth is much more satisfying then wire.

He's up up and away!

Today was the final day at St. Mary's. The theme was all about Super Heros so my group and I made sure to go all out=). My group and I were in charge of the special projects, which meant that we took care of the equipment room, were in charge of the song of the day, one game, and the closing cheer. When it our time to show the game, the children seemed to be much more involved and more excited then they usually were on other days. I believe it was our costumes that made the children truly interested in participating. The game went well, and when it came time to introduce our song we gathered the children and Cortland students into a big circle. The song went " There goes the super hero watch him go, flying, flying, he's up up and away!" We used differnt moves throughout the song, and it seemed fairly easy for the children to pick up. My group and I closed the day with a cheer, and then we said our goodbye's to the children. It was almost sad to leave, because I felt that I really connected with the children. Certain children remebered my name and always wanted to play when I came into the gymnasium. It felt good to know that I had some kind of impact on them, as well as they did on me. Looking back at day 1 in St. Mary's to today, I know that I have really changed as a teacher & leader. I now know that working with children and helping them to stay active while teaching them skills that they can use in their everyday is what I want to do. I spent some time this semester thinking if my major as Psychology was really what I wanted to do, but now I know that Physical Education is where my heart really is. Switching back into the P. E. major is the best decision at this time in my life, and I know that it will benifit me and also the children that I aspire to work with.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

" Move Around ! "
This is my group and I performing our infant skip to the song Move Around. It was a great time!

Buzzing Kick's

Today at St. Mary's was a new experience. We were told that the gymnasium was closed due to a spring concert, and that we had to play with the children outside. At first I have to admit I was scared about how the children would be ourdoors, and came to find out that it was a definite eye opener on how one should come across when trying to teach children. My group and I started the game and activitys. My group member Stephanie set up different stations where the children would participate in activitys where they bounced and kicked balls. She made the theme of her stations Toy Story related. Controlling the children was a had task, and at times being outside made them more out of control then usual. It was difficult to make all of the children hear what you had to say, so using a loud and clear voice was always needed. Stephanie's activity went well, and with group members at each station the children had someone to ask if they didn't understand what it is exactly that they needed to do. Kyle went next, and his game strictly involved kicking the ball. There were many balls in his game so at times the children did get riled up and balls ended up going everywhere. But again, when we had group members assigned with different groups of children, everything became much more controlled. We did not have time for my game, because the next group had to start on their activitys. My game was a drill that involved both kicking and bouncing. I made Buzzlightyear flash cards for the children which related to the Toy Story theme. All in all, it was a good day outside it just took some time to get used to the new environment.