Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinosaur fun !

Day 3 with the St. Mary's children was a blast. The theme was dinosaur related, so my group and I dedicated our games and activites to dino fun. We brought props for our games, coloring cartoons, and also dinosaur books. We each dedicated our time with the children to have a dinosaur twist. When first arriving at the gymnasium, my group and I observed children jumping, sliding, and leaping. We were assigned to watch a red headed girl and a boy named Zaine. The girl and the boy were good at jumping, but at times both didn't quite land with two feet on the ground. Zaine slid well, but the slide for the girl seemed like more of a jumping motion. The leap for Zaine seemed to have hopping included in it, while the girl continued to have a walk rather then a leap. The girl did not seem as interested in the activity as Zaine, and did not really pay attention when the Cortland students were giving out directions. After the gymnasium my group and I went to the Pre-k room. The children were awesome! I found it really easy to capture the attention of this age group, and had fun playing house with two of the girls. After snack time Stephanie and I each read a story to the children. I found that when you truly put a lot of excitement and enthusiasm into the story that the children focus more on what is being read. My story was about Princess Dinosaur who had to find her way back to the toy box before the family dog Spot could reach her. It was an easy story to understand and the children seemed to enjoy it. After spending time in the Pre-k room my group and I headed to the gymnasium. Kyle, and Stephanie did great with their games, and the children loved the props that they used. It seemed that the more props the easier it was to grasp the children's attention. We ended the day with a group sing-a-long to the dinosaur hokey pokey. As a group we really involved the children into the song, and it was a great way to end the day.

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